Michael Eder

Photo and art since 1981 own photo studio and advertising agency in Reutlingen 1990 master photography photography 2005 own studio in Munich Vita art: 1998 exhibition Polaroid transfer art at the Iberlobuehnen Festival (Muenchen) 1999 art calendar production with Polaroid transfer pictures for butcher printing 2000 dito … 2001 Exhibition at the Reutlingen Theater Reutlingen 2002 Exhibition at the Tendence in Frankfurt, for the first time with new directprint technology (UV-cured inks, printable on a wide variety of materials, extremely light and water resistant, also usable outdoors) The ambience in Frankfurt 2006 art in the clinic, large individual exhibition Amper Klinikum Dachau 2007 individual exhibition in the gallery 5 at the Reutlinger Kulturnacht 2007 exhibition in the Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren together with Will McBrid 2008 large joint exhibition together with 5 other artists in the Reutlinger Galerie 5, 2009 exhibition In the gallery KASU Muenchen 2010 Auspurchung at hubercraft Muenchen 2011 exhibition Spotosphere Munich, purchases: Vichy cosmetics, Metzgerdruck, Badischer Winzerverband, Volksbank Tbingen, Museum of Concrete Art Reutlingen, Fritz Medienverlag, BMW Bavarian Motorswerke, Doelker, Home Shopping Europe AG, Amperklinikum, Schaerfe Systems Int.und various private collectors.

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